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From long warm summer nights, when the sun shines almost 24 hours a day, to the Nordic winters, when the famous northern lights shimmer in the skies above, the city of Umeå truly is a city of contrasts.

It´s a great city to live and work in. On this page you will find links to relevant webpages with more information about living and working in the city of Umeå and the University. 

Photo: Umeå kommun

Living in Umeå

Umeå is the largest urban community in Northern Sweden with over 121,000 inhabitants. Whether you prefer hiking in rugged, unspoilt countryside where reindeer and elk still roam freely, or feel more at home in the centre of one of Sweden's fastest growing cities, Umeå will challenge you with its endless possibilities.

As the major hub and University City of northern Sweden, Umeå is a place where different worlds meet. Over half of the people who live here are from outside the region. More than 50 languages are spoken - with English widely used everywhere - and there is a thriving community of clubs and societies that represent people and cultures from across the globe.

In addition, Umeå was proud to be the European Capital of Culture for 2014. Umeå is the most northerly Capital of Culture ever, and the city treated audiences and visitors from all around Europe and the world to a memorable and innovative year.
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Planning your stay

To make your relocation as smooth as possible it is important to plan your move well in advance.
On these pages, you can find information on what you need to plan and prepare before you arrive.
ID card and visa 
Bringing your family 
If you are a scholarship holder 

Northern light (aurora borealis) above the Umeå University. Photo: Jan Lindmark.

Research at Umeå University

Research at Umeå University is innovative and extends over many disciplines and scientific fields. Many of our more than 2,000 researchers and teachers are among the elite in Sweden and throughout the world. Our strong research environments highlight our ambition to conduct high quality international research.
Research at Umeå University 
Think. An inquisitive magazine from Umeå University 

Employment Conditions

As an employee of Umeå University, you are a public-sector employee, which entails special rights and responsibilities. Employment is normally for an indefinite period. However, employment can sometimes be limited to a specified period of time, i.e. a fixed-term contract. 
Employment Conditions 


As of May 2016, the average salary for a full professor at Umeå university, the faculty of Science and Technology is 61000 SEK/month (approximately 6500 EUR/month), but a professor with excellent qualifications could get substantially higher salary. The average salary for an assistent professor is 42000 SEK/month (app. 4500 EUR/month)
Note, however that an employee in Sweden (even if you do not have a Swedish citizenship) has the benefit of a higher social security level than in many other counties, for example almost free health care.
Salary at the University

Umeå University in Figures

Some quick facts

Campus at Umeå University. Photo: Elin Berge.

Higher education and research in Sweden

Swedish higher education is ranked high by international comparison. Sweden also aims to be one of the most research-intensive countries in the world.
Higher education and research in Sweden 

To do in Umeå

If you want to know more about culture and what to do in Umeå, Visit Umeå is the perfect place to go to.
Visit Umeå 

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20 things to know before moving to Sweden

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