Research Areas

Research is conducted in areas at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer Interaction with emphasis on interaction design of knowledge-based systems. Topics like multi-initiative systems, intelligent user interfaces, knowledge and user modeling, personalisation, argumentation, multi-agent systems and semantic web techniques are central. Application areas are primarily the medical and health domains.

Research is currently focusing on the design and evaluation of methods, algorithms and software for decision-support in complex knowledge domains such as health care or work/leisure environments where indivudal's health is at risk (e.g., mining industry or home environments). The aim is to promote development of users’ knowledge and skills in collaborative use environments and support autonomy. Research topics include interaction design for knowledge assessment, formalisation and visualization of complex reasoning processes in the health domain and methods for personalising support for reasoning:

  • knowledge aquisition and representation
  • agreement technologies
  • intelligent autonomous systems
  • design of interactive clinical reasoning
  • reasoning with incomplete and uncertain information
  • user-authored and user-driven development
  • argumentation and formal dialogues
  • agent-supported learning and skill development
  • cognitive tools and personalisation
  • evaluation of tailored knowledge-based systems
  • ubiquituous computing and intelligent environments
  • Mixed-initiative, behaviour change and decision-support systems

A participatory action research methodology is applied, where evaluation using formative and situated methods is central. Stakeholders and end users representing future use environments are actively contributing to projects. A major goal is to facilitate autonomy and optimize skills in individuals when performing computer-supported activity.

Sidansvarig: Helena Lindgren


User Interaction and Knowledge Modelling (UIKM)

Contact Information

Helena Lindgren

Director of the UIKM research group

Tel: +46(0)90 786 7773


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Plan 4, MIT-huset, C435