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People contributing to research on user, interaction and knowledge modeling

Research is performed in an international, multi-professional and creative research environment, where end user representatives and stakeholders are actively participating in the design and modeling work.

Computer Science Researchers

Helena Lindgren

Helena Lindgren, PhD, Associate Professor (Docent), Director

Main interests are intelligent and personalised knowledge-based support systems for work and leisure activities.

Lars-Erik Janlert, PhD, Professor      

Main interests are cognitive and computational aspects of technology-supported interactions.

Juan Carlos Nieves, PhD, Researcher  

Main interests are knowledge representation and reasoning with uncertain and incomplete information.

Rebecka Janols, PhD, postdoctoral researcher (postdoc)

Main research focus is currently on computer-supported behaviour change, personalisation and adaptation to individuals' levels of motivation.

Esteban Guerrero, PhD, Postdoctoral researcher

Main interests are activity recognition and socially intelligent autonomous systems.

Madeleine Blusi, PhD, postdoctoral researcher (postdoc)

Research focus is new adaptive technology for providing personalised computer-based support for activities to promote social inclusion of older people in sparsley populated areas.

Johannes Oetsch, PhD,

Postdoctoral Researcher in autonomous systems that recognise, explain, and predict complex human activities.

Chunli Yan,
Doctoral Student

Main interests are human-agent dialogues and cooperative decision making in personalised decision-support systems for the health domain.

Jayalakshmi Baskar, PhLic, Doctoral Student   

Main interests are ambient assisted living technology, digital cognitive companions and personalised behaviour change systems for promoting health.

Linus Lindgren, Research Engineer

Ming-Hsi Lu, visiting doctoral student

Yeji Hong, master student in cognitive science

The Laboratory for Research on Intelligent, Interactive Environments can be found in room C420 at the top floor in the MIT Building. The lab contains a smart home environment and a number of prototype applications for different purposes related to autonomous and interactive computer-based support in every day work and leisure activities. Here you can also find our master thesis students, summer workers (if summer) and NAO robots Neja and Njao.

Summer Workers 2013: (READ MORE)

Some of our Collaborators
Universidad Polytechnica Cataluna (UPC), Barcelona

Prof. Ulises Cortés, KEML-group at Universidat Polytechnica de Cataluna (UPC)

Dr. Cristian Barrué, KEML-group at Universidat Polytechnica de Cataluna (UPC)

Salamanca University Prof. Juan Manuel Corchado, the BISITE group
Technical University of Madrid Assoc. Prof. Javier Bajo Pérez, Department of Artifical Intelligence, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Technical University of Valencia Prof. Vicente Julian, Dr. Stella Heras, Artificial Intelligence group, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
Experts and Researchers in Application Domains
Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Nursing: Supporting Ageing People in their Daily Life, and supporting their Health Professionals in work tasks
Prof. Lillemor Lundin-Olsson is a professor in physiotherapy, affiliated with the Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy division. Prof. Lundin-Olsson explores older adults' ability to walk in a safe way, and develops methods including technology for facilitate training in every day living for the older adults. She is the director of the research project Säkra Steg (Safe Step).
Assoc. Prof. Ingeborg Nisson is a senior lecturer in Occupational Therapy and works as a senior research fellow at the research institute Ageing and Living Conditions (ALC). Her primary research interest is in the field of older people, their engagement in meaningful activities and effects of such engagement on health and participation. Dr Nilsson is principal investigator in several projects, which aim to understand meaningful activities, develop strategies (e.g., use of technology) to support engagement and evaluate activity-based interventions. Dr Nilsson is the director of the research group UME-ACT.
Assoc. Prof. Karin Wadell, is affiliated with the Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy division and the Umeå University Hospital, Västerbotten County Council. Her primary interest is in training and its effects for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). She leads research projects which aim to develop ICT-based instruments where KOL-Kollen is one example.
Dr. Marlene Sandlund is an assistant lecturer (biträdande lektor) at the Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy division. Dr. Sandlund's research interests include using technology for training and improving ability.
Caroline Fischl, doctoral student and adjunkt at the Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation, Occupational Therapy division. Caroline's research studies focuses on computer-supported social activities in the daily life of older adults. She investigates health, well-being and inclusion as potential effects of personalised support systems and is the director of the research project Social Participation Online (SPO).
Umeå University Beatrice Pettersson, doctoral student at the Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy division.
Glasgow Caledonian University Prof. Dawn Skelton, School of Health and Life Sciences, Glasgow Caledonian University
Luleå Technical University

Dr. Anita Melander-Wikman, Assoc. Prof. Stefan Sävenstedt, Department of Health Sciences, Prof. Birgitta Bergvall-Kåreborn, Department of Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences

Swedish Brainpower, Karolinska Institute Prof. Louise Nygård, Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society (NVS), Occupational Therapy Division, Karolinska Institute
Gothenburg University Assoc. Prof. Helle Wijk, Institute of Health and Care Sciences, Gothenburg University, the Sahlgrenska Academy
Umeå University,  Umeå University Hospital, Västerbotten County Council Prof. Gösta Bucht and Assoc. Prof. Sture Eriksson, Geriatric Centre (NUS) and the Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation, Geriatric division
Karlstad University Prof. Anna Stigsdotter-Neely, Department for Social and Psychology Studies
Swedish Brainpower, Karolinska Institute

Prof. Anders Wimo, Nordanstig Health Centre

Prof. Maria Eriksdotter, KI

Occupational and Family Medicine

Umeå University and Jämtland County Council

Assoc. Prof. Eva Samuelsson (Director of research studies presented here: tät.nu), Family Medicine, Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine

Dr. Malin Sjöström, Family Medicine, Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine

Umeå University and Umeå University Hospital Prof. Bengt Järvholm, Prof. Ronnie Lundström and Assoc. Prof. Lage Burström, Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine
Ethnology and Human-Machine Interaction
Johan Hallqvist, is a doctoral student in ethnology at the Department of Culture and Media Studies and the Graduate School of Gender Studies at Umeå University. His research focus is on Crossing borders of (human) friendship – a critical friendship study of gender, age and humanity in alternative friendship relations. His ethnographic fieldwork will study friendships involving humans & non-humans – humans & animals and humans & robots – to understand how discourses of humanity, animality and robotity is discursively negotiated in alternative friendship relations.  
Sports Science and Pedagogy
Umeå University Prof. Tor Söderström, Department of Education and Director of the School of Sports Science, Stefan Sandlund
Collaborators in Public and Industry Organisations
Region Västerbotten Magnus Rudehäll, e-Health Strategist, Lars Eriksson
Västerbotten County Council

Dr. Christina Igasto, e-Health strategist, director of the e-health unit at Västerbotten County Council

Thomas Molén, tele-medicine strategist

Norrbotten County Council Ingela Johansson
Ibaraki Medical Association, Japan

Dr. Shuzo Nakajima, Chairman of the Senior Citizens Committee, Ibaraki Medical Association

Dr. Yusuke Kishikawa, Azumino Hospital

Dr. Sonoda, Aino Hospital

Dr. Sugino, Primary Care Clinic

Bucheon Medical Center, Korea

Dr. Daein Kang, 

Dr. Ok Ryun Moon

Eugene Kang

Boliden Mineral AB Dr. Vagn Englyst
LKAB Lina Edin
Byggnads Anders Morin
Former Members of the Research Group

Christina Igasto, PhD, e-Health strategist, director of the e-health unit at Västerbotten County Council

Dipak Surie, PhD, founder and owner of Smartmiljös AB

Farahnaz Yekeh, doctoral student in Australia

Sanna Ågren

Saeed Partonia

Peter Winnberg

Patrik Winnberg

Farooq Ahmad

Lucas Lindström

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