ACKTUS (Activity-Centered Modeling of Knowledge and Interaction Tailored to Users)

ACKTUS is a prototype system that is designed for aiding the knowledge assessment of medical and health related knowledge in the process of decision-support system development. The system bridges the gap between medical and health experts and knowledge engineers, and facilitates the collaboration in the development by purposefully designed interaction.

ACKTUS is built on the activity theory based ACTclin framework using an action reserach methodology. The system is based on the results from pilot projects focusing personalised knowledge systems in the domains of dementia, rehabilitation of older adults and occupational health. A common core ontology was developed and is extended in the different application projects with content modeled by domain experts when using the ACKTUS editor. Reasoning and decision support can be modeled using defeasible rules. Support for the reasoning and data capture process can be modeled using functionality for interaction design. The results are stored in Sesame repositories.  

The project is financed by Emil and Wera Cornell foundation.

Current research

Current research focuses ontology issues, formalisation of knowledge and interaction design issues in the use of formal argumentation on the sematic web. Reasoning is implemented as interaction between agents.

Preliminary results from ongoing evaluations indicate that the system is useful for developing a rule-based and mixed-initiative clinical decision system for dementia care for collaborative and distributed use on the semantic web. In particular, the system is useful for capturing sources of potential misinterpretations of clinical domain knowledge, possible alternative interpretations, capturing ambiguities in the domain knowledge and mediating this to the user for the purpose of increasing knowledge in the user and providing decision support in the process of knowledge acquisition.

The system is currently being further developed for informing the design of the user interface of a web-based version of a CDSS for dementia care (the DMSS-W project) and will function as a tool for development and updating of the knowledge to be integrated.

The system is also used for modeling health-related knowledge for providing personalised advice to mining and construction workers (the EKF project) and for modeling support for older adults in their home (the Rehab project).

News related to the work on ACKTUS and related projects can be found here:

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