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A number of research projects are conducted in collaboration with representatives from the medical and health care in Sweden and Asia, and the mining and construction industry in Sweden. The common goal is to develop prototypes to demonstrate and evaluate personalisation functionality, reasoning and decision support that aim to increase ability and quality of activity performance in individuals and in teams of professionals. The ACKTUS platform is used as the research infrastructure for knowledge engineering, interaction design and evaluation studies with end users. ACKTUS is also a research project on end-user design and development, as well as on various knowledge representation and fusion topics, which serve the application projects.

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Interaction Design and End-user Development Applied Projects Targeting Adaptive, Ambient and Assistive Technology

Activity-Centered Modelling of Knowledge and Intercation Tailored to Users: a EUD platform and research infrastructure (2009- ongoing)

Coordinator: Helena Lindgren

Agent-Supported Assessment for Adaptive and Personalised Ambient Assisted Living  As*A*Pal (2011-2016)

Coordinator: Helena Lindgren

Semantic Models for User Modelling and Human-Agent Dialogues

Coordinator: jaya Baskar

The Coach: a Human-Agent Dialogue Application (2013-2016)

Coordinator: Jaya Baskar

ARG-XSB - an argument builder. More information is posted here.

Coordinator: Esteban Guerrero

ALI - a mobile Assisted Living system for Individuals utilizing mobile sensors for activity recognition and evaluation (2012-2016)

Coordinator: Esteban Guerrero

Non-monotonic Reasoning Methods for Activity Recognition

Coordinator: Juan Carlos Nieves

MUDRA - an Activity Recognition System

Coordinator: Jaya Baskar

A Qualitative Medical Diagnosis Approach: Case Studies of Dementa

Coordinator: Juan Carlos Nieves

DMSS-MAS: a multi-agent system simulating a diagnotic reasoning dialogue based on a physician's selection of hypothesis and assessments in a suspected dementia case

Coordinator: Chunli Yan

Service Provision in Smart Environments

Coordinator: Juan Carlos Nieves

AAIMA - Assessment of Ability in Internet-Mediated Activity

Coordinator: Helena Lindgren

Patterns of learning and reasoning in the use of ACKTUS knowledge-based systems

Coordinator: Chunli Yan

End-User Driven Development of Knowledge and Interaction for Professionals Supporting People in Work Environments

Knowledge repository for monitoring vocational health (2010 - ongoing)

Coordinator: Lage Burström

MobiVib - a continuation of the  EKF-project (2014-2016)

Coordinator: Lage Burström

ACKTUS - Dementia: Knowledge repository and interaction design for supporting dementia care (2009- ongoing)

Coordinator: Helena Lindgren

Semantic web-based collaborative system for dementia management (2011-2016)

Coordinator: Helena Lindgren

Developing Knowledge Repositories and Designing Interaction for Citizens Supporting People in Non-Work Environments

ACKTUS - Rehab: Knowledge repository and interaction design for supporting rehabilitation of older adults (2011- ongoing)

Coordinator: Helena Lindgren

HemmaVis (I-Help) - a personalised web application for older adults for assisting daily activities.

Coordinator: Helena Lindgren

ACKTUS - Physio: Knowledge repository and interaction design for preventing falls in older adults (2013 - ongoing)

Coordinator: Marlene Sandlund

Säkra steg - a personalised web application for tailoring physical excersise to older adults.

Coordinator: Lillemor Lundin-Olsson

ACKTUS-Incontinence: Knowledge repository and interaction design for diagnosing and treating incontinence (2014- )

Coordinator: Malin Sjöström

ekontinens: a web-based intervention for treating incontinence to be managed on the ACKTUS platform from 2015 for developing decision-support modules and conducting studies

Coordinator: Eva Samuelsson

ACKTUS-KOLKnowledge repository and interaction design for educating and providing personalised support to persons with COPD (KOL) (2014- )

Coordinator: Karin Wadell

A web-based intervention for persons with COPD (KOL), to be managed on the ACKTUS platform from 2015 for developing additional modules and conducting studies

Coordinator: Karin Wadell

Participation online: Developing meeting places based on new technology for older people (2013-2014)

Coordinator: Ingeborg Nilsson

Some Finalised Projects

ACKTUS - Skola: pilot project where ACKTUS was used by pupils for designing an educational application, which tailors the content to an individual (2013)


DMSS - R: Dementia Diagnosis and Management Support System - Revised version (2007-2011, 2013-2014)

Coordinator: Sture Eriksson, Gösta Bucht

ACTclin - method for intergrating domain knowledge into clinical decision-support systems (2007-2011)

Coordinator: Helena Lindgren

EKF - Efterfrågestyrd kunskapsutveckling med forskningsgrund (2010-2013)

Coordinator: Bengt Järvholm

Att som äldre använda Internet - delaktighet och personligt datorbaserat aktivitetsstöd (2009-2010)

Coordinator: Ingeborg Nilsson

Sidansvarig: Helena Lindgren


User Interaction and Knowledge Modelling (UIKM)

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