Foundations of Language Processing

Languages, formal or natural, permeate our intellectual and practical lives. When agents, computer or human, wish to record something, they must encode it in some type of language. Languages are defined by syntactic rules or constraints and are typically associated with some type of semantics or meaning.

The research group Foudations of Language Processing (FLP) studies the theoretical and practical aspects of representing languages on computers. The work of the group spans from the theoretical analysis of formal languages as a theoretical basis for XML and linguistic applications to the practical implementation and evaluation of natural language interfaces.

Group Members

Affiliated Members

Research Areas

  • Automata theory and formal languages
    * Automata on trees and graphs
    * Bisimulation
    * Gammatical Inference
    * Relation between logics and automata
    * Tree automata as a theoretical foundation for XML
  • Mathematical and computational linguistics
    * Mildly context-senstive grammar formalisms
    * Processing of semantic graphs
    * Multi-modal analysis of web content
    * Text classification
  • Natural language interfaces
    * Learning semantic grammars
    * Natural language generation

Some talks held by group members

Ongoing bachelor and master thesis work

  • Oskar Abrahamsson is working together with Henrik on interactive learning of syntax-based text queries.
  • Oskar Mårtensson is working together with Henrik on sentence similarity measurements.


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