As a student at the department of Computing Science, you will work on computers in a local network separated from computer network of the university. This implies that you will get access to a computer user with storage in the local computer system. We also have computer support staff employed at the department.

Information regarding the UmU-user and access card is found in the welcoming letter for your course/programme. If you have questions regarding this contact Infocenter.

When you are registered on a course in Computing Science, your acces card gives you access to the computer laboratories at the department.

A local computer user is created automatically when you register to a campus course at the Department of computing science. This user is also connected to computer storage and an email-account (ending with Usually, you get information about your user from your lecturer. Otherwise, contact the support personnel. All email regarding courses at computing science will be sent to this address, so if you don't want to read this email directly, you need to forward it to some address that you do read.


Support regarding UmU-users, computers and computer networks outside the department is given by the servicedesk at ITS.

Support regarding the equipment provided by the department is given by our support group. See also the webpage at

Many useful applications for e.g. forwarding mail, changing passwords etc are found on