Intelligent Robotics

The research group Intelligent Robotics studies how (fully or partly) autonomous machines can be constructed.

In the area of Field Robotics we have several projects related to autonomous forest machines and to agricultural robotics. We took part of CROPS - Clever RObots for CroPS, and now work in the continuation project SWEEPER, also that an EU financed project. At the national level, we are currently leading a project aiming at developing an intelligent rollator.

In the area of Indoor Robotics we work with knowledge representation and algorithms for learning from demonstration. We were coordinating the recently ended INTRO - an EU funded ITN project focusing on robots in collaboration with humans. We have recently initiated a project with natural language understanding and human robot interaction.

More information on our research projects can be found in the list to the right.

Group Members

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Our cross-disciplinary projects find their way also to the department of Applied Physics and Electronics:

For more information, please contact the director of the group Thomas Hellström.

Master and Bachelor thesis proposals

We are always interested in finding motivated students. Some Master and Bachelor thesis proposals are available here

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