The Department of Computing Science is active within a wide spectrum of research areas motivated by both theoretical and application-oriented questions. Several ongoing research projects are interdisciplinary and involve collaborations with other faculties.

Some or our major research areas are artificial intelligence och cognition, computer science education, grid and cloud computing, parallel computations and numerical methods, medical informatics, software engineering, and theoretical computer science. Research in these areas addresses theoretical and methodological as well as application-oriented questions and includes the development of software libraries and prototypical applications. 

Applied IT

Applied IT is one of the university's strategic development areas. To promote this area, UMIT Research Lab will be established as a strategic drive in scientific computation, visual simulation and optimization.


Two research groups of the department play an important role in eSSENCE, an e-science project in collaboration with Uppsala University (coordinator) and the University of Lund universitet.

An important resource for our research is the High Performance Computing Center North HPC2N and its super computer systems that are among the most powerful ones in the world.

These are only a few highlights of our ongoing activities. For more, see the descriptions of research groups and projects.

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