Master in Computational Science and Engineering

The following timetable presents some courses relevant for students at the Master's Programme in Computational Science and Engineering. In the first Fall Semester the program starts with four compulsory courses. In the second and third Semester you must choose among elective courses. In each Studyperiod you are supposed to take two courses in parallel. In the final semester you work with your Master's Thesis.
DISCLAIMER: The elective courses are not guaranteed to be offered every year.
All courses comprise 7.5 ECTS unless otherwise stated.

Course offerings
Year 1, Fall (compulsory courses)
Studyperiod 1 Studyperiod 2
Modelling and Simulation Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations
Matrix Computations and Applications Non-linear Optimization
Year 1, Spring (examples of elective courses)
Studyperiod 3 Studyperiod 4
Graph theory  (not offered in 2015) Partial Differential Eq. with FEM
Real Analysis  (not offered in 2015) Financial Mathematics (first part of studyperiod 4)
Parallel Programming for Multicore-Based Systems Monte Carlo Methods for Financial Applications (second part of studyperiod 4) 
Time Series Analysis and Spatial Statistics Project Course in Machine Vision
Numerical Methods in Physics Monte Carlo Methods
Cloud Computing Mathematical Projects
Geometric Numerical Integration Design and Analysis of Algorithms for Parallel Computer Systems
Computer Graphics and Visualization  (not offered in 2015) Computer Intensive Methods in Statistics
Advanced Computer Graphics and Applications Visual Interactive Simulation
Year 2, Fall (examples of elective courses)
Studyperiod 1 Studyperiod 2
Stochastic Differential Equations Stochastic Differential Equations
Probability Theory 2 Multivariate Data Analysis
Student Conference in Computing Science, 9 ECTS-credits (studyperiods 1 and 2) Reliability Theory and Stochastic Processes

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