Research Day - Computer science is transforming society

[2012-11-29] Computer science is transforming our society and our lives. We hear news all the time about intelligent robots exploring mars, big data centers that support social networks such as Facebook. There are few people, however, that can tell us how these technologies actually work.

In order to close the gap between research and society, on Friday, December 7th, the Department of Computing Science of Umeå University will hold a Research Day. This is an open door event, during which the research groups of the department will describe their research in an informal and accessible way.

This event is a great opportunity for students, collegues, and the general public to learn more about what goes on at the Department of Computing Science. It is our hope that this will help strengthen our cooperation with other departments, local industry, and the region at large.

The talks will be held in English and will cover a wide range of subjects. Here are some samples of questions that will be addressed:

• How can computer science contribute to the analysis of literature?
• How can information technology support medical diagnosis?
• How smart can the smart kitchen get?
• Why did the Swedish Research Councel give one of its largest grants ever to cloud computing research in Umeå and Lund?
• How do we make the best possible use of the large scale parallel computing systems that are now available?
• How can math and computing help design the perfect speaker?
• How intelligent can a robot be?
• How do you make a forestry machine do its job without a driver?

Date and place:
Friday, December 7th
Lecture hall S213H, Samhällsvetarhuset, Umeå University
Registration: Please register on this site.
Read more about the Research Day (pdf).

10:10-10:15 Welcome

10:15-10:45 Research group: Natural and Formal Languages
Speaker: Frank Drewes
Title: Research Directions and Projects of the Natural and Formal Languages Group

10:45-11:30 Research group: User Interaction and Knowledge Modelling
Speaker: Helena Lindgren,
Title: User, Interaction and Knowledge Modelling for the Provision of Personalised Support in Daily Work and Everyday Life
Speaker: Dipak Surie
Title: Kitchen AS-A-PAL: Towards Domestic Computing using Smart Sensing, Recognition and Interaction Technologies
Speaker: Juan Carlos Nieves
Title: Reasoning in Smart Environments

11:30-12:15 Research group: Cloud and Grid Computing
Speaker: Erik Elmonth
Title: Cloud Control - Challenges and plans for a recently funded VR framework project
Speaker: Francisco Hernandez
Title: Behind the screen; facilitating the development of high speed Internet services

12:15-13:30 Lunch Break

13:30-14:15 Research group: Parallel and Scientific Computing
Speakers: Lars Karlsson, Bo Kågström
Title: Efficient and Reliable Algorithms and Software Tools for Matrix Computations in Applications

14:15-14:30 Coffee break

14:30:-15:00 Research group: Design Optimization
Speaker: Eddie Wadbro
Title: Material distribution techniques for wave propagation problems

15:00-15:45 Research group: Intelligent Robotics
Speaker: Thomas Hellström
Title: Intelligent Robotics
Speaker: Erik Billing
Title: Composer - A prototype for sharing system information

15:45 Closing

Editor: Mikael Hansson

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