High-level workshop on cloud computing

[2018-07-12] Academic and industrial technology researchers and leaders from all around the world have met for the 13th Cloud Control Workshop, organized by Umeå University. With an ambition to shape the future of resource management for any type of resources important for the cloud, from single servers to mega-scale datacenters, they met at Skåvsjöholm in the Stockholm archipelago.

“The discussions at the workshop are intense and energetic with engaged people. Many of the 107 participants are senior researchers, 27 of them are full professors. Besides researchers from world-leading universities in cloud computing several leading experts from industries are also attending, such as Ericsson, Google, IBM Research, Intel, Microsoft, Red Hat, SAAB, Tieto and more,” says Erik Elmroth, Professor at Umeå University and main organizer.

Picture above: Keynote speakers Ling Liu, Prashant Shenoy, John Wilkes and Tarek Abdelzaher.

Coming to the workshop for cloud control is of big value for John Wilkes, Principal Software Engineer, Google, and one of four keynote speakers at the workshop. 
“Cloud computing is very important and has taken off in a big way. The huge wins are that people can focus on their businesses rather than worrying about IT infrastructure,” John Wilkes says. 

“As a cloud provider we want to deliver functionality that our users and consumers benefit from. This workshop is all about how we improve the control and management of the systems we run to achieve better cost effectiveness, flexibility and scale,” John Wilkes says. 

“There is a saying “Automate or Die”, because it is hard to grow to the massive scale needed if people have to make all the decisions. As a result, we are continuously looking for ways to automate our control systems, to ensure that we don't have bottlenecks, and to improve the quality of the decisions that get made,” John Wilkes says.

“Our goal is to use automation to augment the smart people at the core of our processes, to let them focus on the most critical decisions, while using automated control for the rest,” John Wilkes emphasizes.

Coming to the workshop for cloud control is of big value for keynote speakers and attendees.
Coming to the workshop for cloud control is of big value for keynote speakers and attendees.

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The aim with this high-profile workshop is to foster multidisciplinary research in cloud management, leveraging expertise in areas such as autonomic computing, control theory, distributed systems, energy management, machine learning, mathematical statistics, performance modeling, and systems management.

“One thing for sure is that the field has grown. The idea of applying control of computing systems was not as common before. Today we have a big community around it with many practitioners and it has spread to industry,” one of the keynote speakers, Professor Tarek Abdelzaher, University of Illinois, says.

Professor Prashant Shenoy, University of Massachusetts Amherst, is also one of the four keynote speakers at the workshop. 

“The technology and the industry in this field is moving very quickly. It is a hot area. We have seen scenarios where we publish a paper and six months later we see those ideas appear in products. In many cases the industry is doing things before the academy touch those issues,” Prashant Shenoy says.

“I think the industry is important for the field in general. The field is very much applied. It is not just theory for the sake of theory.  The fact that industry is here reflects the impact and importance the field has. The industry perspectives keep the workshop more valuable and interesting,” Prashant Shenoy says.

Keynote speaker Ling Liu, Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology, is attending the workshop for the first time.

“Cloud control is an important theme that will have lasting impact on cloud computing and IT as a service ecosystem. All types of cloud computing services, including big data as a service, machine learning as a service, are demanding complex cloud control models, algorithms and systems support for making service delivery 24 by 7,” Ling Liu says.

“I am impressed by the nice blend of academics and industry researchers, the nice blend of European and North America researchers at the workshop, and the nice blend of senior and junior researchers at the workshop. Truly enjoyed it,” Ling Liu says.

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