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Computer simulation for a more efficient construction process

Model based testing and simulations does not only provide opportunities to show that the system works as intended, they can also be used to find new designs. Fotios Kasolis combines in his dissertation, computer simulation and optimization algorithms to design acoustic components. Kasolis defends hi...

Lena Palmquist has defended her Lic Thesis

Lena Palmquist has defended her Lic Thesis entitled “Exploring self-efficacy in end-user programming – a feminist approach".

Noble visit by Chemistry Laureate

Professor Michael Levitt, one of the 2013 three Nobel laureates in Chemistry, is visiting Umeå University on Thursday June 5 to lecture on his discoveries . “I want to visit the north of Sweden for its friendly people, abundant summer light and I hope for good weather for an afternoon of kayaking,”...

Martin Berglund has defended his PhD thesis

Martin Berglund has defended his thesis entitled "Complexities of Order-Related Formal Language Extensions ".

PhD Student Day 2014

On the 14th of May the Department of Computing Science held its PhD Student Day.

CROPS meeting in Umeå

CROPS - Clever RObots for CroPS, an EU financed project within the 7th Framework Programme, has had a meeting for two days at Umeå University.

Wubin Li has defended his Ph.D thesis

Wubin Li has defended his thesis entitled "Algorithms and Systems for Virtual machine Scheduling in Cloud Infrastructures".

Annual Report 2013 UMIT Research Lab

The 2013 UMIT Research Lab annual report has been released and can be viewed on the lab homepage.

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