About the Department

Department of Computing Science started in 1969, as part of the mathematics major department. During the second half of the 80's and throughout the 90's the department grew bigger and stronger. New programs were started and the number of students multiplied!

We now have around 90 employees, and almost 1000 students study at least one course with us each academic year, of which about 500 have majoring in computing science.

Our main tasks are teaching, research, and cooperation with the surrounding community. Computing science is a major subject in the computing science education program and programs in engineering and computing science and interaction design. We also give courses in several of the other Masters of Science and Bachelor of Science programs, as well as programs for cognitive science and applied mathematics.

The department conducts research and research training across a broad spectrum of the computing science field. The main areas are parallel and scientific computing, cognitive science, computing science (including among other things, software engineering, databases, and theory building), calculations and intelligent systems, and computing science didactics. We are located in the Mathematics and Information Technology building (MIT), centrally located on campus.