Welcome to Computing Science

Cloud computing, digital solutions for the home and mobile environment, natural language interfaces, autonomous forest machines and intelligent devices for assistance in the care of the elderly. There is wide demand for computer scientists who can develop software and manage software projects.

Students, researchers and teachers at Computing Science.

The B.Sc. program in Computer Science includes study of both practical and conceptual knowledge of modern information technologies as well as of tools for problem solving. Most of our teachers are active researchers and we have good cooperation with representatives of business.

Our courses

Our main tasks are teaching, research, and cooperation with the surrounding community. Computing science is a major subject of teh B.Sc. program in computer science and interaction design. We also give courses for several of the other M.Sc. and B.Sc. programs, as well as for programs for cognitive science and applied mathematics and physics.

Research field

At the department research is conducted on a wide variety of topics within computer science. The main areas include parallel and scientific computing, cognitive science, software engineering,database systems, data mining, theory of computation, intelligent systems, and computing science didactics. The department is centrally located on
campus in the MIT-building.